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Nanay at Ako

Nanay at Ako Boutique started with two mums and a baby on the way. On my mum’s retirement, we planned a business that she can do. While researching, I also started shopping online for my baby’s needs. I was inspired with stories of momprenuers. I over-purchased most items like cloth diapers and baby clothes. I took the risk and started posting online. At the back of my mind, if all else fail, my baby can use the items. My mum and I opened Nanay at Ako together—with her food business and my boutique a month before I gave birth!

We started as a retailer of many different products related to breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and babywearing—practices we employ to our Nakong (child in Ilokano). Six months later, we got my cousin who sidelines as seamstress on board, and started producing our own products. To date, except for the cloth diapers, most of the products we carry in our shop are made in our workshop in Isabela province, which is basically in our garage and in the house of my cousin.

As our nakong grows, our line of products is also growing according to his needs. When he was around seven months, we created the mei tai. When he became a toddler, the CarGo; but also the nursing covers and scarfs, back towels, washable breast pads, everything according to our needs, and sharing our enjoyment with other families.

Behind the Nanay at Ako and Nakong brands are fellow mothers (and our husbands) who make every product with expertise and love.