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Baby Lamb

Hi! I’m Clarissa, mother to my lovely daughter Aria, a work-at-home Mom and Wife and I’m the Owner/Seamstress/Designer of Baby Lamb Diapers. Here’s the story of how Baby Lamb came to be.

As a first-time mom overwhelmed by information on how to raise a baby, I only have one goal in mind. I want the best for our baby. Our little family have always been advocates of natural parenting. We are (still) breastfeeding, exclusively babywearing and naturally, we chose to use cloth diapers. It is the earth-friendly and budget-friendly choice.

We started with cheap China brand diapers. While it works, we felt that it was simply not suited for our baby and our hot climate. After all, we only want the best for our baby. Armed with my second-hand sewing machine and a few yards of fabric, I created the first Baby Lamb diaper that is truly personal and ours.

Baby Lamb is a realization of my passions: graphic designing, sewing and innovating. I create each diaper literally from scratch down to the last snap. I designed our diapers to fit like a glove and have the maximum absorbency without looking too bulky. I personally design and curate every print we offer in our diapers. We take pride that we are the first to offer Birth Stat Diapers that are customized to suit whatever theme you prefer. Then, I personally cut, snap and sew every diaper, making sure each one passes the quality of every discerning mother for her baby.

There may be cheaper diapers out there. Yes, all diapers can simply catch pee and poop. But Baby Lamb Diapers promise three things. They’re perfectly presko, absolutely absorbent and in style. Above all, we make moms, dads and babies happy very diaper change.