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You do not have to own a bachelor’s degree to become a designer.
You can pursue your dreams.
All you need is experience.
Experience is the greatest lesson in our everyday life.
Creating a perfect nursing wear is the most difficult design.
You have to consider 3 major things, comfort, stability and design.

I personally choose our fabrics, most of our fabrics are job order fabrics from Korea and USA, some of our fabrics are personally made only for me base on my personal preference to texture, flow and colors.

Breastfeeding moms need not to worry whether their nursing bra might peep into the nursing access, or boob slips, because of our innovative design, moms can confidently raises their hand without worrying any evident nursing access opening in their nursing wear. The design is intended for long usage. You can use it for so many years, even after your breastfeeding journey. All of our fabrics are fully stretchable and the sizes can cater post natal body frame, you can wear it while pregnant, during breastfeeding, in the office, in the meeting or even when your baby reach his/her toddler age! See how amazing our product is!

I am a proud breastfeeding mom and I, myself specifically know what I really want into a nursing wear! So I put all together my ideas, sketch my designs, sew samples, present this to my production team, test it for so many times, do the quality control, I did not stop making a lot of revisions until I get the perfect nursing wear design. My brain is full of so many exciting ideas, I sleep together with my son and my sketch pad, my imagination is never ending, my heads are full of surprises, and the exciting part is, I always have new releases every month! I always maintain budget friendly prices to all of our products, maintaining good quality fabrics, high quality stitches and unique, stylish and classy nursing wear design that can cater every mom’s age.

Powerhouse Team

Nursing Mommiesph

Your best breastfeeding wear brand. The first affordable, high quality and stylish nursing wear in the Philippines that offers wide variety of classy modern and casual designs, the first nursing wear in the Philippines who introduce nursing poloshirt.

Production Team

Our production team sew from prestigious international brands providing high quality and mall quality stitches.

The Designer

A hands on breastfeeding mom, a breastfeeding advocate that helps different charity institutions and a breastfeeding peer counselor.

Quality Control

We assure you that we always ship brand new and good quality products, all our products passes through our quality control team.


We always maintain low prices to our products and shipping fee.


Customer Service

Our staffs are online 2 to 3 shifts a day to assist you better.


We release new designs, colors and prints every month.

Ms. Pam: Owner

Fei-VirtucioI became a mother in a time where formula milk advertisements bloom and boom beyond my reach.

How innocent am I to believe that the higher the price of a formula milk the more nutritional value it gives. Age 19, year 2005, I live in the city, I am a big fan of formula milk, I find my breastmilk leaking and I find it messy, no one introduces me to breastfeeding, I have no idea, I find it very messy, I find latching is very difficult, I never tried, I never did. I worked hard, all my salaries went to formula milk, I worked hard, not for my daughter, but for formula milk, we don’t have feast and buffet during my daughter’s christening, its very simple, after to church we eat, no celebration, we celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday, but not my dream birthday party, I have no savings.

Year 2014 I got pregnant, I now live in the province, the culture is very different, on my 1st trimester I brought my husband to infant formula milk section at the grocery, I showed him the prices of formula milk, preparing him for the budget we need to allot for the upcoming years when baby comes out. My husband told me, “what??? 1800 pesos? For 1 can of milk??? I can only buy 3 cans per salary cut off, i will not buy formula milk,you will breastfeed” and I cried. Seriously I cried at the grocery store, I cant imagine myself breastfeeding, I feel like a cow, the season is very different, I’m looking for infant formula milk advertisement to show to my husband and encourage him, I waited whole day in front of television, no more advertisement, what happened to formula milk? Why no advertisement?

Executive Order No.51 the Milkcode- The aim of the Code is to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding The World Health Organization and the Philippine Department of Health encourage mothers to breastfeed.

December 2014, my last trimester, I’m about to gave birth, my obstetrician asked me “who’s pedia do you want?” I told her “Anyone basta magaling po doc. ” and she gave me this pedia, at first she reminded me that the pedia she will assign to my baby is a breastfeeding advocate and is very strict to breastfeeding. Still I am not convinced to breastfeeding, we prepare things to bring at the hospital for my labor, the first thing I bought, branded feeding bottles and formula milk dispenser.

December 23,2015, I gave birth, nurse woke me up and whisper me ‘”Ma’am nanganak ka na po, padededehin na po natin si baby” I am lying in bed, I feel very dizzy and groggy, I told nurse” Mahina pa ako hindi ko pa kaya magpadede.” the nurse told me “Ok lang yan tutulungan kita.” My eyes are close while I’m talking, suddenly I feel my baby on my chest! The nurse wrapped my arms around my son’s body while he is latching! He’s sucking! The nurse guide my son to latch! Left and right! Im feeling it! And counting minutes! It took around 15 minutes to each breast! After my son latch the nurse brought my son closer to my face and she whispered “mam busog na po si baby kiss mo na po” my eyes are still close and I smiled, the best feeling I ever had! The unang yakap protocol and the milkcode! I never had the chance to see the nurse nor even asked the nurse name, during my recovery stay at the hospital, the lactation nurses and the pedia guided me well to my first steps to breastfeeding journey. At first I just want to reach the 6 months requirement to breastfeeding, as time goes by, me and my son’s bonding during breastfeeding is incomparable, I enjoy it! Priceless memories! I want to extend it for a year, and now I’m breastfeeding for more than a year now and I will never stop, I will breastfeed him as long as he wants, its limitless. If I could turn back time to breastfeed my 1st born daughter, I will do. I enjoy breastfeeding, I love breastfeeding, it’s the best decision I ever made in my entire life, and I am proud, I am not afraid, I will show to the world how beautiful breastfeeding is.

Happy latching!

Dada Abril: Owner

abril-dadaI sell nursing bras from size 34-42, cup B & C. I do the quality control of each and every nursing wear we produce from the proportion of the slit of the nursing access, to the flap and measurements. I arrange colorful nursing bras in our rack, dress a mannequin and demo the nursing wear in our various events and I love it! I’m proud of it! There’s nothing wrong, not a basis for masculinity. I realized that I am more masculine doing those things! Supporting my wife’s passion, seeing her happy, seeing my son happy. And I salute her, I salute my breastfeeding wife. And I salute all the breastfeeding moms in the world.

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